Is San Andreas worth playing in 2021?

Is San Andreas still good in 2021?

And its still a amazing game to play. you can do whatever you want in game and game has very cool story line. you should try this game.

Is San Andreas worth playing in 2022?

However, there is an intangible charm to GTA San Andreas that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s still legitimately fun to play in 2022, and it has several fun features that have vanished from the series since its debut.

Is San Andreas still a good game?

Even 17 years after its original release, San Andreas stands proudly as one of the finest games that Rockstar has produced. It eclipses the other two games in the trilogy in terms of quality and impact, rising to the top as the greatest of the three.

Is GTA San Andreas worth buying?

Conclusion. With all the graphical enhancements, it completely changes how the game looks. The Definitive Edition of GTA San Andreas is definitely worth the purchase, and the game looks stunning.

Will GTA San Andreas ever get a remake?

According to the comments of the post (opens in new tab), GHOSTinHELL is using the Far Cry 5 Dunia engine to recreate San Andreas and plans to not only remake the map but also add „gameplay soon.” The developer is apparently building the entire game from scratch – without the use of mods or any of Rockstar’s original …

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