Is Arcee Optimus Prime’s daughter?

Is Optimus Prime in love with Arcee?

Optimus and Arcee have a platonic relationship and a respectable friendship, much like a family too.

Who is Arcee boyfriend?

ArceeFunctionValkyrieRank8PartnerDaniel Witwicky, SpringerMotto”Looks are always deceiving.”

Who is the wife of Optimus Prime?

Optimus prime with his wife elita when they found out they are going to have a child | Transformers artwork, Optimus prime, Transformers cybertron.

Does Optimus Prime have a family?

The Victory manga from the Japanese Generation 1 era features Decepticon wives and children. Even the live-action movie features an Optimus and Megatron who are brothers, and it is mentioned in the related Nintendo DS game that Megatron „took the spark” of their father.

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