How old is CJ now GTA?

Is CJ still alive in GTA 5?

The cause of his death was never revealed, though it is implied Carl was present but did not help him, as Sweet laments that Carl „let Brian die”. He was no longer considered a member of Grove Street, and would later have to earn his way back into the gang.

Who is older CJ or sweet?

Sweet is the leader of the Grove Street Families gang, which is based in Ganton, Los Santos. He is the eldest son of Beverly Johnson and the older brother of Carl Johnson, Kendl and Brian.

When was CJ born?

(born January 4, 1997), better known by his stage name CJ, is an American rapper from Staten Island, New York….CJ (rapper)CJBornJanuary 4, 1997 Staten Island, New YorkGenresHip hop trap drillYears active2017–presentLabelsWarner Cruz Control Coke Boys

Is Franklin CJ’s son?

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that GTA 5’s Franklin is the son of CJ from GTA San Andreas. Regardless, many GTA 5 fans look up this question. CJ isn’t present in GTA 5 (in an official capacity), and he doesn’t have many similarities to Franklin.

How old is Trevor Philips?

GTA 5’s Trevor Phillips was born on November 14, 1967 Trevor Phillips was born on November 14, 1967, making him 54 years old in 2021. He was only 10 when his father left him to fend for himself.

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